Comparing The bose quietcomfort 35 ii vs sony wh-1000xm3 -Which Pair Of Headphones Will Serve You Better?

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If there’s ever a time when you want to take a look at headphones it is going to start with taking a good look at two of the top brands when it comes to noise canceling headphones.

2 Tops Noise Canceling Headphone Juggernauts

For years people have known both Bose and Sony as quality producers of headphones. The fact that Bose has come forth with a quiet comfort type of headphone set to compete directly with the WH-1000xm3 makes for quite an interesting battle.

People expect quality from both of these brands because these companies have produced products in the past that have received great reviews of their headphones. The same can be said for a number of products that are on the market for noise cancelling headphones today. Customers are still giving great reviews, but those that may have never experienced buying any headphones from either one of these companies must make a choice. The average consumer is not going to be able to afford both of these are phones so they must do their research and see what is going to work best for their situation.


When it comes to the price there is no great amount of money that is being saved by picking one over the other. Consumers are going to be looking at $350 after they are taxed. They have the ability to look at other headphones that may be cheaper from other companies, but the comparison and price between the Bose QC 35c II and the Sony WH 1000 xM3 is not much of a comparison. Price is basically the same so no money will be saved by trying to make a comparison in this area.



When it comes to external things like colors some headphone users are not going to care much. For the Bose brand you are essentially looking at two basic colors of black and silver. That is it. There is no more variation between that. Those consumers that want more variety should consider with Sony has to offer. The black and silver options are available, but there are also other options like triple midnight and midnight blue. These are still dark colors, but it gives consumers more variety if they’re looking for something else in terms of colors.


Battery Life

Another area where a Sony tends to have a better feature is with the battery life. The Sony brand is going to last longer when the noise control is on. There is a 30 hour battery life for this brand if the noise canceling feature is on. When the feature is off there is a 38 hour battery life. By contrast, the Bose brand as a battery life that is 10 hours less than the Sony brand when the noise canceling feature is on. When the noise canceling feature is off, however, the Bose brand is going to have to hours morebattery life than the Sony brand.

Consumers that are trying to do a direct comparison are going to have to take this into account. It all depends on what the headphones are being used for at this point. If the noise cancelling is something that people desire if they are listening to music or gaming the Sony headphones are clearly going to give them a longer battery life.


Size Matters

A big thing that some people look at is the size of the headphones. There are some consumers that prefer a pair of headphones is that are smaller while others may look for a pair of headphones that are larger. People that required the Sony headset will get a bigger headset. It is going to be larger, and some consumers prefer it this way. By contrast, there are other consumers that are less interested in headphones that are bigger because they may feel like this is something that is bulky. People that prefer something smaller are going to lean towards Bose. Consumers that want something that maybe a little bigger are going to opt for what Sony has to offer.

Overall, Sony appears to have the better deal when it comes to battery life and the colors that one chooses. The sound quality for both companies is comparably the same.

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