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Spending time away from home is a chance to explore the wilderness and enjoy nature. But your stomach doesn’t have to suffer in the process. A lot of people think that canned food is the only available option when you are camping or hiking for more than a day. If you are trying to eat right, or pay attention to the salt content of your food, this might not be the best option. Here are some tasty and healthy meal ideas that you can consider for your upcoming adventure:

  • Honey is one of the most amazing types of food. It is equally delicious in extremely hot or cold weather. You can eat it alone, add it to your oatmeal or spread it on a cookie. It tastes good every single time.
  • Dried meat can be consumed without cooking. If you prepare your dried meat at home, you will be able to control the amount of salt.
  • Dried veggies are amazing. Just add some hot water and you’ll have a warm meal that tastes delicious. Adding some spices or seasoning will make your veggies taste heavenly.

Having your own meals is a great way to control the amount of salt and preservatives in your food. You can also save some money. Nothing beats freshly made food.

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