Are there features a dog bed should have if your dog has arthritis?

Is your dog suffering from arthritis that is getting worse all the time? Does he seem to have a poor night’s sleep no matter how many hours he spends lying in his bed?

If this sounds like your arthritic dog, it is time for you to buy a dog bed that was made specifically for dogs with arthritis or suffering from other types of pain.

Not only will the right bed allow your dog to sleep better than he has in years, it will also often mean he has more energy during the day as well.

Here are some of the features you should look for when you do decide to buy a dog bed that is specially made for arthritic dogs.

A comfortable bed made with memory foam — Any bed you consider purchasing for your dog should be made from memory foam.

A good quality memory foam provides the support your dog will need as he sleeps. It will also distribute his weight more evenly over the entire length of the bed.

This will mean he does not end up with too much pressure bearing down on a painful back or leg as he sleeps. This also prevents pain from occurring in his joints, and gives him a much more restful sleep.

A couple of nights sleeping on a memory foam dog bed and, as it begins to mold to his body, he will sleep better and better. You will notice a difference when he wakes up and is not plagued with the twinges and aches he was in the past.

A bed that keeps your pet warm — Heat can be an excellent treatment for arthritis as it relaxes muscles as you sleep, and prevents more pain from developing.

This is why many dog owners buy dog beds for arthritic pets that come with a heating blanket or pad. These blankets are either heated via a wall plug or can sometimes be heated in a microwave. The blanket is then placed either over or under your dog, allowing the heat to soak into his back and limbs.

These types of dog bed are also wonderful in a house that is colder. Especially during the winter, which is a time when a dog’s arthritis will often worsen simply due to the cold.

Keep your dog’s bed warm and toasty, however, and he may just get through the coming winter much easier than he did the last.

Is the bed waterproof? — While incontinence is not a problem for every older dog, it is for some of them. Even if your dog is not suffering from incontinence yet, he may as he gets older.

Buying a waterproof dog bed, however, will prevent a urinary accident becoming a big deal. Instead it will allow the urine to be cleaned off your dog’s bed quickly, and prevent it from soaking into the memory foam and ruining it. It als helps if your dog gets fleas and you can easily clean the bed with a anti-flea treatment like Flohmittel Hund.

A bed that encloses your dog — You will often find that as your dog gets older, he feels safer in places that are slightly enclosed. This is why some pet owners buy their arthritic dog a rounded dog bed with raised sides.

This allows him to curl up in comfort, especially if it has some type of heating feature, while feeling safer than he would on a flat bed without sides.

Remember, a dog with arthritis often feels more vulnerable than he did when he was younger and could jump up at a second’s notice to see what was going on. Buy him a new dog bed with enclosed sides, however, and he will feel more protected, much safer and be able to fall asleep faster.

The price of your dog’s bed — While some beds made for arthritic dogs are over $700, there is no need to spend that kind of money on a new bed. Particularly when they sometimes come with features your dog does not need.

Instead look for a bed in the $200 to $500 range. This will allow you to purchase a bed that is good quality, has memory foam, is waterproof and able to be heated. A bed like this should allow your dog to get as good of a night’s sleep as he used to do before his arthritis developed.

Comparing The bose quietcomfort 35 ii vs sony wh-1000xm3 -Which Pair Of Headphones Will Serve You Better?

If there’s ever a time when you want to take a look at headphones it is going to start with taking a good look at two of the top brands when it comes to noise canceling headphones.

2 Tops Noise Canceling Headphone Juggernauts

For years people have known both Bose and Sony as quality producers of headphones. The fact that Bose has come forth with a quiet comfort type of headphone set to compete directly with the WH-1000xm3 makes for quite an interesting battle.

People expect quality from both of these brands because these companies have produced products in the past that have received great reviews of their headphones. The same can be said for a number of products that are on the market for noise cancelling headphones today. Customers are still giving great reviews, but those that may have never experienced buying any headphones from either one of these companies must make a choice. The average consumer is not going to be able to afford both of these are phones so they must do their research and see what is going to work best for their situation.


When it comes to the price there is no great amount of money that is being saved by picking one over the other. Consumers are going to be looking at $350 after they are taxed. They have the ability to look at other headphones that may be cheaper from other companies, but the comparison and price between the Bose QC 35c II and the Sony WH 1000 xM3 is not much of a comparison. Price is basically the same so no money will be saved by trying to make a comparison in this area.



When it comes to external things like colors some headphone users are not going to care much. For the Bose brand you are essentially looking at two basic colors of black and silver. That is it. There is no more variation between that. Those consumers that want more variety should consider with Sony has to offer. The black and silver options are available, but there are also other options like triple midnight and midnight blue. These are still dark colors, but it gives consumers more variety if they’re looking for something else in terms of colors.


Battery Life

Another area where a Sony tends to have a better feature is with the battery life. The Sony brand is going to last longer when the noise control is on. There is a 30 hour battery life for this brand if the noise canceling feature is on. When the feature is off there is a 38 hour battery life. By contrast, the Bose brand as a battery life that is 10 hours less than the Sony brand when the noise canceling feature is on. When the noise canceling feature is off, however, the Bose brand is going to have to hours morebattery life than the Sony brand.

Consumers that are trying to do a direct comparison are going to have to take this into account. It all depends on what the headphones are being used for at this point. If the noise cancelling is something that people desire if they are listening to music or gaming the Sony headphones are clearly going to give them a longer battery life.


Size Matters

A big thing that some people look at is the size of the headphones. There are some consumers that prefer a pair of headphones is that are smaller while others may look for a pair of headphones that are larger. People that required the Sony headset will get a bigger headset. It is going to be larger, and some consumers prefer it this way. By contrast, there are other consumers that are less interested in headphones that are bigger because they may feel like this is something that is bulky. People that prefer something smaller are going to lean towards Bose. Consumers that want something that maybe a little bigger are going to opt for what Sony has to offer.

Overall, Sony appears to have the better deal when it comes to battery life and the colors that one chooses. The sound quality for both companies is comparably the same.

The LED Lights Grown In Popularity With Instagrammers That Look To Increase Followers

There is a huge phenomenon that is happening in the world of social media. It has a lot to do with the LED light ring. Social media users that have become fond of taking lots of pictures on websites like Instagram are going to see the instant benefit of using an LED ring light.


All About The Lighting

People that are social media socialites are quickly going to recognize that any selfie that is taken is going to look much better when the lighting ring is used. People that are taking a selfie do not have much control over the lighting. It does not matter if there is a flashlight on the camera. Sometimes these lights from cameras at night are too bright. It distorts the picture. If it is taken in a house that has a light that is off then a picture that has a shadow will distort the photo. Both of these turn out to be bad Instagram photos. This is why people that are utilizing LED rings are going to have a better photo.

There are a bunch of videos on youtube on how to setup the ring light for perfect pictures, e.g.


Increase Followers

In a large majority of the cases people that want to have Instagram accounts are going to be people that are looking for followers. In order to get a decent amount of followers it is vital to post new content on a regular basis. This means that the social media users are typically going to be taking a lot of photos. It is not impossible to get a decent picture without an LED ring light, but it becomes harder when you are creating a massive amount of content. It is better to get a lighting system that you can control when it comes to Instagram photos. This is going to be essential for traveling. It’s better to be safe than sorry and be in control of your lighting experience.


Establishing Your Brand

Some people are going to be taking Instagram photos for fun. Others are going to have their mind set on establishing a brand. They want to create a type of atmosphere where they are known for quality pictures. Some people that utilize the LED ring lights are even be able to create photos that they can sell. When users are looking for any opportunity to establish a brand new look it is going to start with creating quality. That is what the LED ring light does for instagrammers. It allows them to produce quality content.


Traditional Direct Lights

The thing about buying traditional lights that have direct lighting is that these light fixtures are cumbersome. These are not meant for traveling. That makes it close to impossible to actually get lighting that can be taken with you when you travel. These traditional lights also tend to be much brighter. What this means is that it is difficult to even tone down the light if it is too bright. The whole desire to eliminate the shadow may backfire when there is a light that is now too bright with a traditional lighting system. The LED lighting system is the great compromise. It gives you the ability to create the type of lighting experience that you want. It also gives you the ability to zone in on the type of variance that is going to be best based on where you are. Sometimes you need a light that is very bright because you are in a dim area. There are times you may just need enough light to remove the shadow that comes into place when you are trying to take a selfie.


Noticable Difference

The thing that you tend to notice more than anything is the difference in the lighting based on old pictures that you may have posted to Instagram before. You may see more positive comments and more followers once you start to get your LED light ring. People are going to take notice of the transition that you have made when it comes to taking selfies. The LED light is going to give you a different type of presence that is much more professional. That is what most instagrammers notice early on. When they compare their old pictures to what they are doing with their new LED light ring they will notice higher quality quickly.

Deal with Stress Now

Avoiding stress is probably very difficult. Regardless of your age or situation, you’d probably be under some kind of pressure that deprives you of sleep. Here are some tips that will help you manage your daily stress and can improve the quality of your life:

  • Engage in physical activity. Exercise releases hormones that can promote relaxation and happiness. Also, it is a great way to get rid of the negative energy.
  • Control your daily intake of caffeine and alcohol. These are stimulants but can make you more irritable especially if you are stressed.
  • Take a warm bath. This will help your muscles relax especially before bedtime. Warm baths will improve the quality of your sleep.
  • A stress journal is a great way to identify your stress triggers. Write them down and this might help you avoid them.
  • Devote time to relaxation. Give yourself time to let it out and engage in something relaxing. This means one hour per day when you are going to practice a fun or stress-free practice.

These techniques will help you deal better with daily stress. Pay attention to yourself and soon enough, you will be able to enjoy a calm stress-free life.

Best Meals for a Camping Trip

Spending time away from home is a chance to explore the wilderness and enjoy nature. But your stomach doesn’t have to suffer in the process. A lot of people think that canned food is the only available option when you are camping or hiking for more than a day. If you are trying to eat right, or pay attention to the salt content of your food, this might not be the best option. Here are some tasty and healthy meal ideas that you can consider for your upcoming adventure:

  • Honey is one of the most amazing types of food. It is equally delicious in extremely hot or cold weather. You can eat it alone, add it to your oatmeal or spread it on a cookie. It tastes good every single time.
  • Dried meat can be consumed without cooking. If you prepare your dried meat at home, you will be able to control the amount of salt.
  • Dried veggies are amazing. Just add some hot water and you’ll have a warm meal that tastes delicious. Adding some spices or seasoning will make your veggies taste heavenly.

Having your own meals is a great way to control the amount of salt and preservatives in your food. You can also save some money. Nothing beats freshly made food.

Staying Fit without Hitting the Gym

You already know that exercising is the best way to stay healthy, keep fit and have a great body. But hitting the gym can sometimes become too challenging. With a lot of daily commitments, work responsibilities in addition to family obligations, a lot of people end up not practicing sports as much as they should. If you really want to stay in shape, but have no time to hit the gym, here are the best tips to help you stay in shape:

Walk When Possible:

A pedometer is a great tool. You can download an app to your mobile phone and it will help you keep track of your steps. Walk whenever it is possible. You might not be able to walk to work in the morning, but you can definitely walk to the supermarket or your kids’ school. Ditch the car or park it away from your target whenever it is possible.

Get Up:

Think of all the activities that you can do while standing or walking instead of sitting. Sitting for long periods of time can put too much pressure on your spine which affects your posture and makes you gain more weight. You can read or listen to music while walking instead of sitting. Remember to get up and stretch every 30 minutes to reduce the pressure on your spine.

Eat Right:

Your food is the only thing that can make you lose weight. Pay attention to your calories without depriving yourself of any tasty meals. Pack on healthy snacks for your work. This will help you cut down on the calories that you would probably consume by eating junk food. Fruits and vegetables will make you feel full. They are packed with healthy fibers so you won’t feel hungry for long. Make sure that you use healthy herbs and seasoning to give your meals a delicious taste by avoiding high-calorie sauces.

Don’t Starve:

Eating less will not push your body to lose more fat. As a matter of fact, when you don’t eat enough, your body is going to get into the starvation mode where it saves on every calorie it takes. This also means that you are going to deal with more cravings. Make sure that you have more healthy snacks and don’t keep your body hungry.

Stay Hydrated:

Staying hydrated is a great way to keep your calories in check. Sometimes your brain will mix up feelings of hunger with thirst. If you feel that you are hungry, you probably just need to drink some water. Always drink a glass of water at least 30 minutes before your meal. This will also help you feel full faster.

Design your Own Workout Plan:

You don’t have to be a professional or hit the gym with a personal trainer to lose weight. You can practice sports at home or even in the office to feel fit and healthy. Do some pushups, squats or cardio to keep your muscles moving.

These tips are very easy to follow but can change your life completely. With regular practice, these will turn to life habits that can keep you feel healthy and fit.